First of all we are a team. A young team, high-aimed, dynamic, competitive and proffesional. A team for which anything it is possible, a team who never say "it can't be done", a team who always seek and find the best solutions. A team, willing to make performance at the highest level.

The company has been established from the desire to offer our customers competitive solutions of the highest class, in accordance with the highest quality standards and latest technologies in the electricity supply field.

We exist to develop mutually advantageous partnerships, reliable, based on responsability, politeness, professionalism and friendship, with both our customers and our suppliers.

We are a young company, which rely on a staff with over 15 years’ experience in the field of electric energy distribution, of high and low voltage, experience gained in top national and multinational companies in the profile industry. The contribution of our staff to create some of the most important projects that were built in the last 15 years in Romania, is reflected today in our professional solutions and in the quality equipment that we offer, produced by suppliers carefully selected and audited by us.

We are importers and distributors of medium and low voltage equipment's in the Community, mainly from the field's most well-known producers in Italy, whose motto are quality of products and compliance of adopted solutions in achieving with the offered equipment's and with all requirements of Enel standards and specifications and also with European applicable standards .

Since 2013 we produce concrete compact substations. At this time, we can say without false modesty that we have the most competitive product on the Romanian market at an unprecedented quality in Romania. Our products benefits from the latest European technology starting with design and ending with the construction and materials used, which allows  us to produce  concrete compact substations even of 10 meters lengths in a single cabin. Our concrete compact substations are special finishes and the concrete used is one with a high-strength and impermeability which ensures our product a virtually unlimited lifetime.

We offer competitive technical advice of the highest class in choosing of technical solutions for power supply and the necessary equipment for their implementation.

We represent top Italian companies in Romania, with tradition in electro-technical field, whose products for decades prove their quality and reliability, in power systems operating around the world, that are produced in compliance with all applicable standards and regulation, in the economy of one of the most advanced industrialized countries in Europe and the world, Italy.

Our Main Works

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